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meet jeremy

the experience. it's why you go to concerts, stand in line at the fair for your favorite ride or go on that vacation. so why should your family memories be any different? yes it's TRUE, many can take pretty photos but melisa and jeremy are all about the journey and experience along the way to capturing those memories.


so who's the couple behind the experience? jeremy + melisa are a husband/wife team that quite simply more than anything they enjoy the relationships they build with their clients along the way. it's part of the reason why you see the hearts and souls of the people in their photographs. this is way more than a means to support their family, it's seeing inside the heart of their labor of love!


of course melisa is clearly the BETTER half and provides that girlie side that no matter how hard jeremy tries, he just can't get excited about pinterest like melisa can.

jeremy just has to smile and look pretty :) but seriously, just check out their reviews, it's the experience along the way that their clients rave about!



if you're ready for a fun experience, great personal service and professionals that ALWAYS goes above and beyond, go to their contact page {{over to the left}}, fill it out and get in touch with them to set up your session today!


here's a few more fun little j + m facts in case you were wondering>>

they like long walks on the...kidding. jeremy's a car guy, tech geek that just so happens to be an old fashioned hopeless romantic. while melisa is addicted to starbucks and pinterest and LOVEs finding and fixing up the junk that others throw out. they've been blessed to be married over 17 yrs (yes they were young). and rounding out their family is their feisty little 12 year old princess who mostly drives them iNsAnE but they still love her to pieces :)


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